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The twelve roof lanterns within 'The Classic Collection' are made in a combination of Sapele hardwood and aluminium and come in white and/or grey as standard. Our customers can enjoy the beauty of painted timber on the inside with the maintenance free aspect of aluminium on the outside. In addition there's provision to hang pendant lighting from the boss detail up to 25kg which can create a stunning look over a kitchen island of dining table.

You can choose from a range of options including ornamentation and ventilation. Further enchancements can be achieved by adding beautiful pinoloeum blinds. Please see available options for full details.

Each roof lantern is designed to be fixed onto a kerb-like detail which rises proud of the supporting flat roof assembly, precisely at the open edge of the lantern aperture. Dimensions shown for each lantern roof are for the internal kerb size, not including any internal finishes. For further details please see the Classic cill / upstand detail.

An installation service is available or each roof lantern can be supplied in a kit form with a comprehensive installation manual.

Designed to sit on a finished kerb width of 75mm to 180mm. Not including plaster skim finish.

44mm triple glazing available.

The cumberland roof lantern roof plan

The Cumberland

3840mm x 2205mm

The grosvenor roof lantern roof plan

The Grosvenor

3295mm x 2205mm

The denby roof lantern roof plan

The Denby

2750mm x 2205mm

The argyle roof lantern roof plan

The Argyle

2205mm x 2205mm

The richmond roof lantern roof plan

The Richmond

3840mm x 1660mm

The portland roof lantern roof plan

The Portland

3295mm x 1660mm

The harrington roof lantern roof plan

The Harrington

2750mm x 1660mm

The Egerton roof lantern roof plan

The Egerton

2205mm x 1660mm

The belgrave roof lantern roof plan

The Belgrave

1660mm x 1660mm

The beaufort roof lantern roof plan

The Beaufort

2205mm x 1115mm

The brompton roof lantern roof plan

The Brompton

1660mm x 1115mm

The markham roof lantern roof plan

The Markham

1115mm x 1115mm

The Harrington roof lantern

The Harrington roof lantern