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Pinoleum Roof Blinds

Pinoleum blinds are narrow timber slats finely woven together to create a robust but highly attractive fabric first invented by the Victorians. They have stood the test of time beautifully.

Pinoleum blinds are cut to perfectly mirror the configuration of the roof lantern and offer shade from the glare of the sun. Sunlight is gently filtered through the timber panels. This allows the room below to cool much like one would find sitting underneath a tree on a sunny day.

Pinoleum roof blinds also come into their own at night and during the winter months. When the sun goes down, dining underneath the stars can be a wonderful experience but the addition of blinds will create a lovely warm atmosphere not to mention an additional feeling of privacy.

You may also want to think about whether you have the pinoleum blinds manually or electrically operated. From a convenience point of view, electric is a great option but operation by hand pole can be perfectly acceptable too.

Like our timber roof lanterns, our pinoleum blinds are crafted in Norfolk and 100% bespoke. They are available in natural timber or as is more popular to current tastes, in a range of different painted finishes.

You can view pinoleum blinds in operation on our YouTube Channel. If you would like a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pinoleum roof blinds closed

Closed position

Pinoleum roof blinds closed on one elevation

Closed on one elevation

Pinoleum roofblinds fully open

Open position