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Options: Glass

SGG BIOCLEAN® - specified as standard

SGG BIOCLEAN is a low-maintenance self-cleaning glass manufactured by depositing a transparent layer of mineral material onto the clear glass. The coating, which is integrated into the glass itself and lasts the lifetime of the unit means minimal cleaning, if any. The BIOCLEAN is combined with PLANITHERM TOTAL; double glazed units comprise of two leaves of 4mm clear toughened safety glass, a 16mm Argon gas filled cavity and include soft-coat low-emissivity heat reflective coating to the cavity face of the inner-leaf. The u-value of the units are 1.2 providing a high level of thermal efficiency.


This glass has a pleasant blue tint and as it has the greatest light transmittance of all the solar control range, its an appealing option. It allows and absorbs up to 67% of the sun's heat, reducing the need for air conditioning and blinds. The tint filters light to reduce potentially uncomfortable glare by over 50%. Further it diminishes the bleaching effect of the sun by blocking 87% of the sun's UV rays, prolonging the life of furniture and soft furnishings. As with the standard BIOCLEAN, the glass stays cleaner for longer which means easier and less frequent cleaning. Azura on the outer pane is combined with SGG PLANITHERM® 4S on the inner pane to create a u-value of 1.0 to offer an exceptional level of thermal efficiency.


Pleasant and relaxing in its aqua-green appearance, the Aqua gives the highest level of solar control. It can block up to 78% of sun generated heat and reduce glare by over 65%. It also lessens the bleaching effect of the sun by impeding 94% of the sun's UV rays. Like the Azura, Aqua is combined with SGG PLANITHERM® 4S to create an exceptionally low u-value of 1.0.


As the name would suggest this tint has a neutral appearance, enabling you to match your glass with your home's existing glazing. It reflects up to of 71% of the sun's heat and can cut glare by over 60%. It also intercepts up to 87% of the sun's UV rays to combat the bleaching effect of the sun. As with the Azura and Aqua, Natura is combined with SGG PLANITHERM® 4S to give a u-value of 1.0.

SGG PLANITHERM® One T (Triple Glazing)

SGG PLANITHERM One T is a low-E glass offering the lowest centre pane U-value in the SGG PLANITHERM® family providing excellent thermal insulation for the most demanding of glass specifications. With an optimum centre-pane U-value of 1.0W/m2K (16mm, 90% argon-filled cavity), SGG PLANITHERM One T can comfortably meet current Building Regulations by improving whole window U-values for all frame types. A truly environmentally friendly solution, given the lower CO2 emissions associated with reduced energy consumption. SGG BIOCLEAN® Natura on the outer pane combined with 2 inner panes of SGG PLANITHERM® One T creates a u-value of 0.5.