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General specification - Linear Collection

Construction - The principal construction is in engineered Sapele, an FSC accredited hardwood.The lamination of the hardwood to create the main components of the roof lantern (i.e. the rafters, ridge and roof plate) are rare within the industry and combine together to produce exceptional strength and durability. Notable qualities include phenomenal rigidity; high resistance to indentation, shock loads and bending plus a natural resistance to wood rot and fungal attack. The combination of these characters make engineered sapele the first and only choice in framing our roof lanterns. Further, a refined aluminium capping system on the exterior ensures that the roof lantern is fully weatherproof and maintenance free.

Roof assembly - Shallow hip rafters span between a profiled roof plate/cill and a slender ridge to create a strong timber structure. The timber components are futher protected from the elements with an elegant aluminum capping system which ensures that the roof lantern is both watertight and maintenance free. The roof pitch is 25 degrees. Rainwater discharge is direct to the perimeter flat roof weathering surface.

Glazing (standard Saint Gobain BIOCLEAN) – self cleaning high performance dual-sealed double glazed units ensure optimum thermal efficiency and zero cleaning. The glass comprises of two leaves of 4mm clear toughened safety glass; a 16mm Argon gas filled cavity and a soft-coat low-emissivity heat reflective coating to the cavity face of the inner-leaf. The thermal u-value of the roof glazing units is 1.2.

All roof glazing have a self cleaning coating located on the external pane of the glass. The coating has revolutionay photo-catalytic and hydrophilic properties, and works in two stages:
Stage 1 - The coating reacts with natural daylight to break down and loosen organic dirt.
Stage 2 - When it rains, instead of forming droplets, the water spreads evenly over the surface of the glass, helping to wash away any dirt and reduce streaking.

Finishes – both the exterior aluminum cappings and interior hardwood are factory finished. We use a commercial paint specifically developed for timber joinery and therefore one can expect a long lasting, high quality spray paint finish.