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...enhance your roof lantern with a few optional extras.

Here are some options that you can choose to enhance the basic specification of your standard or bespoke roof lantern.

You may also like to consider installation.

Ventilation - The standard roof lanterns come with a basic level of ventilation that we have selected to adequately ventilate it. However should you wish, you might like to select an additional vent, perhaps because the roof lantern is above a kitchen or has a south facing aspect. With respect to a bespoke roof lantern, you’ll need to think about ventilation from scratch and naturally that’s something we can advise you on.

Ornamentation* (otherwise known as ‘finials’) - Decoration the top of the roof lantern. These act only as embellishment and perhaps it’s stating the obvious to say that they are not critical in any way to the performance of the roof lantern.

Oak For a natural timber aesthetic, our roof lanterns can be made in solid seasoned oak. Oak is a stunning timber that ages beautifully over time and lends itself to both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Colour - Both the standard and bespoke roof lanterns come in either white or grey but if you choose a bespoke roof lantern and wish to match your roof lantern to your own personal colour scheme, we have twenty colours to choose from. These range from alternative whites and soft creams, to ever popular greys and pretty blues.

Glass - Perhaps the most technical aspect, however we hope we have taken any sort of headache out of the selection process by choosing what we consider to be the most effective glazing as standard. Always self-cleaning and always in line with current building regulations. Whatever glass you choose, you can be assured of a high level of thermal efficiency to combat heat loss.

Side Frames - The principal reason for including glazed side-frames is to create a more impressive design statement, both internally and externally. Including individual framed casements within the side-frames provide the ideal opportunity for maximum ventilation.

Installation - Offered in addition to delivering the roof lantern itself. Installation will secure a two year service warranty. Otherwise the lantern is delivered in kit form ready for assembly and installation by your builder.

* Not available for Linear Collection