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Each and every roof lantern is pre-assembled at the Norfolk workshops. This ensures an accurate fit and smooth installation on site. Fitting includes delivery to site and assembly and fixing of the roof lantern to the kerb upstand (the base on which the lantern sits) by a skilled fitting crew. Opting for installation secures a two year service warranty.

If you decide installation is not necessary (perhaps your builder has already included it in his contract), the roof lantern will be delivered in its pre-assembled component parts. A comprehensive point by point installation manual will be provided. On this basis, we’re told builders with a competent knowledge of joinery construction will find the ‘kit form’ roof lantern quite straightforward to install.

Finally, please note that when the pre-assembled components are dismantled in the workshops, the individual components receive their finishing preparations and protective wrapping in readiness for dispatch.

Installation of a roof lantern
Roof lantern installation